Christian Exodus in the Middle East

As we travel throughout Mesopotamia and meet the few pastors that remain in this country, the first concern that they share with us is the Christian exodus that is taking place.

The Christian population in Iraq has dropped from 1.5 million to less than 200 000 in the last 10 years.

Most of that number are traditional Catholics with a small percentage of that born-again believers. The presence of salt and light is leaving the country.  Even pastors have left!


The main reason this is happening is because of the rise of the violence, terrorism, bloodshed and also corruption that is taking place.


Iraq has ranked #4 of the most persecution in the world.

Iraq has also ranked #4 of the most corruption in the world.


Is there hope for such a dark country that is gripped and dominated by fear and corruption?


Yes!  We believe Revival is coming to the Middle East!


We believe the there is a new generation of believers and disciples of Jesus that is coming like that of which it has experienced during the days of the early church.

They will not be Christians born into traditional Christian families like it has been, but they will come from a Muslim background that will radically turn to Jesus because of the preaching and the demonstration of the gospel that they will witness before their eyes.


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