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Awake Assyria 2018 (100 hours of worship and prayer) in Iraq – October 23rd – 27th 2018


May 2018

50 Hours of continual Worship and Intercession across the Middle East

In April the Mesopotamia HOP hosted 50 hours of continual worship and prayer. 50 Hours of worship and prayer was also hosted in four other locations: Amman, Beirut, Istanbul and Cyprus simultaneously. Houses of Prayer in the Middle East region are growing in relationship and together we are coordinating more adoration and intercession across the region. We are contending for Revival in our region!

The 50 hours that we hosted in our city at MHOP was very powerful! We experienced amazing times of worship and deep intercession. Prayer times were lead by Iraqis, Syrians that are saved out of Islam, young people and children. There is spiritual growth happening in local believers and also among youth and children.


January 2018 

Mesopotamia House of Prayer
In Malachi 1:11 God said that in every place incense will rise and pure offerings will be brought to Him because His name will be great among the na ons. In our last newsletter I shared that Iraqis lead most of the 50 Hours of prayer and worship in the midst of political turmoil and fighting between Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers. By God’s grace shortly after that in November we hosted 24 Hours of continual prayer and worship. Iraqi young people lead the intercession for the youth in Iraq, children lead the intercession for the children in Iraq and an Iraqi lead intercession for families in Iraq.

The spirit of prayer has been coming upon the children and they are growing in confidence not only in praying in corporate settings, but also leading adults in prayer. “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.” Psalm8:2

Giving the children an important role in the House of Prayer is important to not only raise them up from a young age, but also the purity of their praise and prayers makes a tremendous spiritual impact in pushing back the forces of darkness. We give glory to God for the way He is moving among the children.



Mesopotamia House of Prayer – One New Man
One of the purposes for MHOP is to raise up a church made of believers con nually burning with love for Jesus. We seek to have a culture of pure worship, prayer and the presence of God dwelling with us that uni es us to become a ‘one new man’.

‘Christ has broken down the middle wall of separa on and is crea ng in
Himself one new man.’ (Ephesians 2:14-18). At MHOP we have weekly
prayer mee ngs and once a month we have 10 hours of con nual worship and prayer. In the last 10 hour prayer mee ng

there was a beautiful example of a ‘one new man’ that God is creating in Iraq and Kurdistan. Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Westerners were together worshiping God and interceding from 1Timothy 2 for the authorities and government in such important mes we are living in.