The Mission

God lead us initially to ‘break ground’ in the Mesopotamia region. By the Spirit, God gave us a divine blueprint as how to co-labor with Him in building His work in the Middle East – a vision of a wheel within a wheel as in Ezekiel 1:16-21. The vision of the wheel came with three different components: Hub, Spokes and Rim.

Hub (Prayer and the Word)

At the center of the wheel is a hub. This represents the foundation or support for the entire wheel. The hub then has a two-fold purpose: Mesopotamia House of Prayer and Mesopotamia School of Ministry. The House of Prayer aims to ignite and sustain a Spiritual Revival in the Region, and to model lives that are given over to worship, prayer and intercession. (Isaiah 56:7; Acts 6:4; Acts 4:31). Mesopotamia House of Prayer hosts hours of worship and intercession throughout the week which is attended and led by the diversity of believers in Iraq and our team. Once a year Mesopotamia House of Prayer hosts Awake Assyria – 100 hours of continual prayer and worship. Believers from countries in the Middle East and from the West come together to join us, the Iraqi and Kurdish believers to worship and seek God for 100 hours. These prayer gatherings are marked by the presence of God, the voice of God and unity as we are progressively witnessing the dividing wall of hostility between people groups broken (Ephesians 2:14-18). The School of Ministry is a training and equipping Center which provides theological and practical training for the raising up of Spirit possessed leaders grounded in the Word of God and the Spirit of God. (Matthew 28:19-20; Ephesians 4:11-12). We currently host full-time three month internships twice a year and evening classes for Middle East believers.

Spokes (Evangelism)​

The spokes represent the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the demonstration of the God’s Kingdom.  The spokes come forth from the hub, extend in every direction from the center.  God has specifically emphasized to us love, boldness and miracles which leads to ‘soul-winning’ and ‘supernatural manifestations of power’.   (Matthew 10:7-8; Mark 16:20).  Evangelism takes place in Refugee Camps, out in market places, parks and house to house.  We aim to follow the model Jesus laid out in Luke 10:1-9.

Rim (House Churches)

At the end of each spoke there is an intersection with the rim of the wheel.  This point represents the planting of self-reproducing, discipleship-oriented ‘house churches’ to be the communities of light in the region.  God has called us to look for and work with the ‘men of peace’ (Luke 10:5-6).   The ultimate goal is of raising up the locals for the pastoring of their own people.

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Your financial partnership with us enables us to bring Christ’s Kingdom to the Middle East and the nations. We are especially aided through ongoing monthly partners, as it supports the active ministry in the Middle East region.